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New Releases from Larry Benjamin, Sossity Chiricuzio and Sheila Kendall - 15th November 2019

Beaten Track has three new releases out today! There really is something for everyone (or all the adults, anyway - more to follow for the littluns in November and December). I'm covering all three in one post for...ease of navigation. ;)

The Sun, the Earth and the Moon by Larry Benjamin

(That 'and' should be an ampersand, but Blogger doesn't cope well with ampersands.)

Language: English
Published: 15th November, 2019
Edition: 2nd, revised
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 348 8
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 349
Length: 60,700 words (approx.)
Category: Non-Fiction
Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Literary, Family and Friendship

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When seventeen-year-old Thomas arrives for his freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, he thinks he is ready for anything. Anything arrives quickly in the form of Dondi Whyte. Dondi is handsome, glamorous, and rich—everything Thomas is not. Is Thomas really ready for anything?

Thomas falls helplessly in love with Dondi and the two begin a love affair. When it ends abruptly, Thomas is devastated. To make up for breaking his heart, Dondi invites Thomas to spend the summer at his family—s mansion by the sea. There, Thomas meets Dondi’s brother, Matthew, and discovers it is sometimes in an ending that we find our beginning.

This is a revised edition of What Binds Us, previously published electronically by Carina Press.

Editor's Review:

Author Larry Benjamin and I 'met' not long after his debut novel, What Binds Us, was released (by Carina) and mid-prerelease of Damaged Angels (Bold Stroke Books). I don't clearly recall the ins and outs, but it had something to do with a book we'd both read and loved and becoming friends on social media. At the time, I included books on BTP that were written/published by like-minded authors/publishers, and Larry asked if I would list What Binds Us, so I did. In time, that friendship deepened, and finally (after much badgering by Nige, I suspect), Larry afforded me the great privilege of publishing his other work.

I should backtrack a little and own up to having cried buckets reading What Binds Us, as did my youngest daughter. And then we did it all over again with Unbroken - Larry's second novel - published by Beaten Track. Woot!

Of course, Unbroken also marked the commencement of The Comma Wars, whereby every comma I add or delete is held up and...erm scrutinised by the author. Our in-document arguments have, at times, become heated, but isn't that the mark of a great friendship? We can disagree on Very Important Matters yet remain as close as always.

And so Larry and I have come full circle in a way, with the release of The Sun, the Earth and the Moon, in that it is a revised second edition of What Binds Us, although the first edition was released only in ebook format, whilst The Sun, the Earth and the Moon is also available as a paperback. The revisions expand and tidy up the original text, but the story remains essentially the same.

What I said above about the gallons of tears shed, I should clarify: this novel, like Larry's other novels, is gay literary fiction with significant themes of romance and friendship. There is tragedy too, and I am ever grateful to authors who foreground this at the beginning of the story so I can prepare for the events which follow. However, all those tears are not really because of the sad moments; Larry's prose is beautiful and moving, and if you haven't read any of his work yet, you really should!

Video Trailer:

Honey and Vinegar: Recipe for an Outlaw by Sossity Chiricuzio

(Yep, another ampersand.)

Language: English
Published: 15th November, 2019
Edition: 1
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-371-6
eBook: 978-1-78645-372-3
ASIN: B07YR391D1
Length: 30,450 words (approx.) (34 images)
Category: Non-Fiction
Genre: Memoir, Biography, LGBT, Politics, Feminism

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Honey and Vinegar: Recipe for an Outlaw gives an intimate look at how the values and hopes of the 1960s carried through into the queer activism of the 1990s. It's a story told from various locations including ashrams, community housing, and not so great neighborhoods from the middle of Arizona to the middle of Florida, and back again. Exploring issues of class, family, embodiment, sexuality, identity, and agency in an illustrated series of vignettes that blur the lines between poetry and prose, Honey and Vinegar is a scrapbook of resistance.

Editor's Review:

Long ago, in my rather grim youth, I read one memoir. One. It was The Moon's a Balloon by David Niven. I'm not sure why. I wasn't especially a fan of David Niven, although I found his acting suave and frightfully gentlemanly. But read it I did; almost forty years later, I have absolutely no recollection of it.

You see, fiction is my thing - worlds to which I can escape, and there has been much in my life from which I have needed that respite. Real life can be dark and brutal, and it is most often the worst aspects that are showcased in memoirs and autobiographies.

Thus, you won't find many non-fiction books in Beaten Track's catalogue because, ultimately, I decide what we publish, and if I have to edit the thing then I want to enjoy it.

This means that the few memoirs you will find on BTP are very special indeed, and I'm so proud to share with you Sossity's memoir: Honey and Vinegar. Aside from being a stunning piece of literary non-fiction, I so often during editing found myself thinking 'god, yes, I've been here, and I'm so sorry you went through this too'. This could be any woman's story, any queer person's story, but it's Sossity's, and she tells it with such energy and honesty - the dark and the light - it is as compelling and consuming as any fiction I've read.

On a nuts and bolts level, Honey and Vinegar charts the formative moments in the author's childhood and adolescence, illustrated perfectly by Queeriam's sketches, but my words do no justice. I mean, how dry does that sound? 'Formative moments...' blah, blah, blah. Honey and Vinegar is a vivid swirl of anger and joy and frustration and relief and finding and losing oneself all at once. It is about the roots of Sossity's activism and a whole lot of life experience I wish I'd had (as well as the stuff I wish I hadn't).

Video Excerpts:

Tangled Webs by Sheila Kendall

(Not an ampersand in sight!)

Language: English
Published: 15th November, 2019
Edition: 1
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78645-388-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-78645-389-1
Length: 75,200 words (approx.)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Women's Fiction, Crime, Thrillers and Mystery, Family and Friendship, Romance and Relationships

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When Carol makes a decision to trace the baby who was stolen from her over a decade ago, she has no idea of the tangled web of lies and deceit that await her. But Carol has secrets of her own, which she has promised to keep—secrets that will put a long-standing friendship in jeopardy if they are ever revealed.

As we follow the threads of Carol’s search, we realise that whatever we do in the past, whatever mistakes we try to put behind us, someday, somewhere, they will come to light.
The past can never be left behind.

Editor's Review:

This is the third book of Sheila's I've published, and it delights me that she's a genre hopper just like me. Her first BTP novel, Mission Accomplished, was a historical/paranormal mystery/romance; her second book, Deadly Chains, was more a murder mystery. Tangled Webs is a mystery/thriller, and there is a crime element to it, but it's...not really a crime mystery/thriller. There's also some romance, but it's not a capital R Romance, and it's a bit more plot-driven than slice of life. Above all, it's women's fiction, with strong female leads and a smattering of decent men, but this is a story laced with everyday feminism.

And it's one of those novels I want to read a little bit of every day, like it's a big bar of chocolate and I'm pacing myself so it lasts longer - just a taste to keep me going. I suppose that's mostly because of the focus on the characters and their interactions - the tangle of lies and secrets - and the journeys those characters take. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for a character-driven story. I don't even care that much if there's a plot, but I should point out that Tangled Webs does have one.

See, this is the kind of book (and Sheila is the kind of author) that led me into publishing. I once attended an author fair where one of the top literary agents said we should approach finding an agent/publisher by first walking into a bookshop and figuring out on which shelf our book belongs, but that's so restrictive, never mind that it curbs creativity and the freedom to just tell the stories we need to tell.

That's what I love about Sheila's stories. She takes them where they need to go rather than sticking to a formulaic 'insert murder suspect #2 in chapter 8'. She also tells stories about ordinary working-class northerners, which is important because you'd be forgiven for thinking, based on the average British fiction bookshelf, that we're all middle-class southerners.

Are we 'eckers like. Now, where did I leave me flat cap and whippet.

That's all from us…for now.
Please buy, read and review.
We really like it when you do!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

New Release: The Golden One - Reckoning by Hans M Hirschi

Title: The Golden One - Reckoning
Author: Hans M Hirschi
Language: English
Published: 19th September, 2019
Length: 71,000 words (approx.)
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-315-0
eBook: 978-1-78645-316-7
Category: Fiction
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Jason is staying with the ailing Cheyenne elder Ninovan. Only the most heartbreaking news from Amberville can bring him back to face the biggest trial of his young life. Will Jason be able to fulfill his final mission as the Golden One? A mission from which no Golden One has ever returned?

Reckoning is the final installment of the gripping fantasy trilogy about Jason Mendez, the Golden One, who is called upon to save the world with his four best friends. Will Jason be successful? At what price? Will Earth be safe?

The Golden One is an exciting fantasy trilogy dealing with urgent topics affecting humanity today.

Editor's Review:
This is it: the end of an era, or a series at least.

Today is release day for Reckoning, the third and final part of The Golden One - Hans M Hirschi's young adult trilogy following the adventures of Jason Mendez who is, indeed, the 'Golden One'. If you haven't read the previous instalments, the links are at the end of this review.

I have such mixed feeling when I reach the end of a beloved series - for any readers new to Beaten Track Publishing, we publish the books we love, so my experience of reading them is much the same as yours. I go through every book at least twice, the first time tackling the nuts and bolts of the writing, checking the plot hangs together and that characters don't suddenly change the colour of their eyes, and so on.

The second time through is where I finally get to pay attention to the story, and I'll admit right here that The Golden One has had me raging and swearing (at the villains), smiling like a loon (at the sweet moments), laughing and rolling my eyes (usually at Peter - one of Jason's close friends and 'crew'), slumping in despair (at the injustice) and finally, in Reckoning, sniffling, oh, I have something in my eye, no I'm not crying, you're crying...

Obviously, I'm not going to tell you what made me so teary because I'd be giving away the plot, and we've kept this publication safely tucked away, no advance copies, until release day specifically to avoid spoiling the ending. Suffice to say it's a satisfying one...mostly. ;)

I kind of did a 'Best Supporting Role' for the first two instalments, with Laurel coming out as my favourite character from book one and Hannah in book two. For Reckoning, that prize goes to...[drum roll]...Micah. Yes, she is a cat, just an ordinary cat, but she's brave, loyal, feisty, and, of course, Jason can understand what she's saying. There is maybe a bit of anthropomorphising on the author's part when it comes to Micah's scepticism, incredulity and some of her judgements of human behaviour, but her nonchalance, especially when she's miffed with Jason, is pure cat and hilarious - a bit of light relief in the darker moments in Reckoning.

So the conclusion is here. No more Golden One, and while I hate saying goodbye to characters with whom I've spent a fair bit of time and know better than I know most people in the real world, it is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy and a journey I'm glad I had the opportunity to make.

The Golden One - Reckoning is book three and the final instalment of The Golden One trilogy, available in ebook formats from the usual places. Paperback available from Beaten Track Publishing and (imminently) Amazon.

Also available: The Golden One - Blooming (book one); The Golden One - Deceit (book two).

About the Author:
Hans M Hirschi has been writing stories since childhood. As an adult, the demands of corporate life put an end to his fiction for more than twenty years. A global executive in training, he has traveled the world and published several non-fiction titles as well as four well-received novels. The birth of his son provided him with the opportunity to rekindle his love of creative writing, where he expresses his deep passion for a better world through love and tolerance. Hans lives with his husband and son on a small island off the west coast of Sweden.


Thursday, 29 August 2019

August Releases: Round-up

Due to a hectic month, this post will be a round-up of August releases (six in all), most recent first as there are two brand-new releases today (29th August)!

Space Train by David Bridger

Language: English
Published: 29th August, 2019
ISBN: ISBN: 978 1 78645 334 1
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 335 8
Length: 98,600 words (approx.)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance and Relationships

Purchase Links:

BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords

About the Book:

Published: 29th August, 2019
Length: 98,600 words (approx.)

FIREFLY meets WAGON TRAIN. Space pioneers, frontier worlds, alien societies, war refugees rebuilding their lives, heroes with heart, loving relationships of many flavors, and a scarily clever ruthless enemy.

Tom is a man of color in a social system where the respectable classes are exclusively white. An interstellar freighter captain who flew refugee ships for the resistance during the galactic war, he is tormented by the memory of a terrible tragedy. Never again will he lose a ship or allow anyone to hurt passengers he’s promised to keep safe. Not ever!

Nene is a telepathic blue-skinned alien spy embedded in a tyrannical regime that looks likely to reignite the galactic war, and she is dangerously attracted to the haunted human who flies refugee families to start new lives far away.

Saxe, an elite security executive whose career was damaged when Tom escaped from his custody during the war, is driven by cold hatred and revenge. If the only way to destroy Tom is by destroying the galaxy, then that’s what he’ll do.

Space is vast, but with a hunter so ruthless and the prospect of war so close, can people of peace ever find a safe place to live?

I'm also delighted to announce that Beaten Track is now the publisher of David Bridger's back catalogue! :) Links to his other books below:

A Flight of Thieves

BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords

Damage Control

BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords


BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords

The Honesty of Tigers

BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords

Quiet Resistance

BTP eBook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords


BTP eVook | Paperback
Amazon | Smashwords

Pocket Guide to the Voice by Ruth Royall

Language: English
Published: 29th August, 2019
Publisher: Independent
Edition: 1
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 341 9
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 350 1
ASIN: B07WK486C2
Length: 12,698 words (approx.) (54 images)
Category: Non-Fiction
Genre: Music, Stage and Screen, Instruction and Study

Purchase Links:

BTP eBook | Paperback
Barnes and Noble
Google Play

About the Book:

Pocket Guide to the Voice offers an easy and fun look at the voice, helped along by Ellie. With easy to understand exercises and digestible nuggets of anatomy and vocal function, this book will help open the door to your vocal journey.

Meredith's Dagger by Debbie McGowan

Language: English
Published: 20th August, 2019
Edition: 1
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 318 1
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 319 8
Length: 125,000 words (approx.)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, History, Paranormal, Women's Fiction, LGBT, Romance and Relationships, New Adult, Feminist, Slice of Life

Purchase Links:

BTP eBook | Paperback
Barnes and Noble

About the Book:

Huddled in a doorway, unseen by the men passing on great horses, Meredith watched from within the hood of her cloak. The pain of the cold, wet morning impaled her, rooting her in place, even as the cat rubbed against her shins with a force that should have felled her. She shooed him away. Go home. But he would not.

She wished she had died that night. She wished she had died, for to live like this was not to live at all.

* * *

When Richie Moorcroft takes a housekeeping position to finance his studies, it means moving back to his childhood home: an ancient, almost-derelict cottage locals claim is haunted. But he never believed those stories; he knows where they came from, and in any case, he has a job to do: keeping nineteen-year-old Julian Denby on the straight and narrow without Julian realising his wealthy parents are paying Richie to do so.

Luckily, Julian’s not very astute, although the same can’t be said for their newest housemates: Richie’s bestie, Anneke, and Julian’s older sister, Tamara. Add in George, the cat who appeared from nowhere and is in no hurry to leave, and that makes five…about to uncover the sinister history of their new home.

Callum and the Mountain by Alan McClure

Language: English
Published: 15th August, 2019
Edition: 1
ISBN: Paperback: 9781786453266
eBook: 9781786453273
Length: 40,700 words (approx.)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Children's Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

Purchase Links:

BTP eBook | Paperback

About the Book:

It's a quiet wee village, Skerrils. Not much going on. Shingle beach, pretty walks, peaceful library, exploding school, talking dogs, carnivorous monuments, interfering all-powerful nature spirits and a mountainous secret too baffling to tell... Callum Maxwell and his pals are in for the strangest, scariest, most exciting summer of their lives. Join them and you'll never look at the natural world in quite the same way again.

"A totally original story with genuine heart."
- Karen Campbell, author of The Sound of the Hours, Rise and This is Where I Am

"Alan McClure's Callum and the Mountain introduces a fresh voice, full of energy, humour and love of place. He writes with a performer's instincts and an exuberant joy in language - an author we will be seeing more of."
- Joan Lennon, author of Silver Skin (shortlisted for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize) and Walking Mountain

"We're listening to a born storyteller, and he's unpacking a great shaggy monster of a tale for us."
- Paul Magrs, author of Strange Boy, Lost on Mars and The Novel Inside You

Animalimericks by Kate Andrew

Language: English
Published: 8th August, 2019
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 9781786453327
eBook ISBN: 9781786453334
Length: 2,800 words (approx.) (46 images)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Children's Fiction, Humour, Poetry

Purchase Links:

BTP eBook | Paperback
Barnes and Noble

About the Book:

An otter potter, a sailing snail, a crooning baboon and a cat scared of mice…
These are just some of the animals featured in this book of wacky limericks.
Resist them if you can!

A hairy hyena called Honey
Could not laugh for love or for money;
She said, “I’m not sad,
I’m not mad or bad,
I just don’t find anything funny!”

This collection of limericks, written and illustrated by Kate Andrew, is suitable for children of all ages - from 3 to 93!

The Invasion of Tork: The Complete Collection by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Language: English
Published: 7th August, 2019
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78645-311-2
eBook ISBN: 978-1-78645-312-9
ASIN: B07W5QDGBM Length: 69,000 words (approx.)
Category: Fiction
Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Romance and Relationships

Purchase Links:

BTP Paperback
Amazon Kindle

About the Book:

Available on Kindle Unlimited and as a paperback.

Collection includes the novellas The Invasion of Tork, The Invasion of Adam and If I Should Stumble – three young adult LGBTQ romances set in the UK, exploring social issues such as immigration, mental health and homelessness.

The Invasion of Tork

Adam is cool, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous - all the guys tell him so! When he is forced to start voluntary work at the local homeless shelter, all he worries about is keeping the clients well away from him and finishing the placement as soon as possible. Until he meets Tork.

Tork is clever and funny. He makes origami models and reads Dickens. Tork has green hair and makes Adam's heart race with longing. But Tork is homeless and not at all impressed with Adam's attitude.

Can Adam see past his fear and arrogance? Can Tork give Adam a chance?

Can two such different men turn the world upside down and find out what really matters?


The Invasion of Adam

College life, fun nights out, guys everywhere—Adam thought his life was perfect…

Until he met Tork.

Green-haired Tork creates origami models and reads Dickens. He lives in supported housing, and he is absolutely not impressed by money.

Adam and Tork come from opposite worlds, but even as Adam fights it, the attraction stays strong.

Will Tork win the battle to understand his past and be well? Is there another Adam beneath that polished surface? Can they overcome their differences, and will there be dancing at midnight?


If I Should Stumble

Love is sure and timeless and forever. It whispers over the morning coffee and the last thought before sleep. Love is beyond hope, and cruel as life.

Kaz has been in the UK for almost a year, but the days pass by in an endless round of alcohol and nothingness. He has a story but no words good or bad enough to tell it, until one day, he is assigned a new peer mentor who asks him to help train a sponsored running team. Something that was stretched as old parchment breaks inside, and memories begin to re-surface.

Zack is overjoyed when his friend Adam asks him to be part of the sponsored run team trying to make money for the local homeless shelter. All day he makes cakes to lighten people’s load, but something is missing from his life. Then he meets the boy with eyes like the desert, and with every step he runs, Zack’s light burns away the darkness in Kaz’s heart.

As the race heats gets nearer, Tork, Adam, Zack and Jo realise that under Kaz’s careful programme, they have a chance to qualify and set right some of the wrongs of this world.


One person can change the world, and that person is Tork.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Recent Release: A Rising Evil by Graham West + never seen before epilogue!

Title: Mosswood
Author: Graham West
Language: English
Published: 219th July, 2019
Length: Length: 110,000 words (approx.)
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-257-3
eBook: 978-1-78645-258-0
Category: Fiction
Genre: Paranormal

On the edge of Tabwell lies a forest where the dark secrets of the past wait to be uncovered...

It all began when Jenny Adams first dreamed of a young girl imprisoned in a dark attic. Now, over six years later, she's back where the nightmares started.

Mosswood has been transformed into a successful adventure park, and it is there Jenny meets troubled, flame-haired teen Bailey Rosales, and Cody Nelson, a seven-year-old who has some very special friends. Dead friends.

Why is Dennis Blakely, the park manager, tormented by visions of his own horrific demise, and why is an ex-councillor warning them to stay out of the forest at all costs?

Once again, Jenny finds herself calling on the spirit of Amelia Root in the search for answers, but it is a search that leads the whole family into a terrifying confrontation with Tabwell's past and the secrets that lurk beyond the dark waters of Mosswood's lake.


Publisher's Review:
I'm keeping this brief because the Mosswood launch party starts in exactly 45 minutes, and I don't want to be late. Equally, I didn't want to post this too much before the launch.

Of course, if I were better organised, I'd have written this earlier today...

Mosswood is book three of Graham West's Beyond the Dark Waters trilogy, and what a satisfying conclusion it is. As with Finding Amelia and A Rising Evil, we're following the paranormal twists and turns in the lives of Rob Adams and his daughter Jenny, now grown-up with a child of her own. It all began with a hit and run that killed Rob's wife and youngest daughter - Jenny's mother and sister, and it's a must to read these three books in order to fully understand the connections between the different characters, particularly in terms of family and who is related to whom.

I especially enjoyed seeing certain characters get their just desserts, and I still belief this is a brilliant exploration of the evil men do to women. Whether that's intentional on Graham's part or not, this is not only brilliant trilogy, it's also a saga with plenty of  (optional) food for thought.

I'll leave you with a little bonus content - never seen before, not in the published versions, but here is the epilogue that greeted me as I neared the end of Mosswood:


Jenny glanced across at her father, who was staring at the TV screen. “It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it?” she mused.

Robert Adams nodded. “Yeah, but thanks to you, it all turned out okay.”

“Thank to me?”

“Yeah, you’ve held everything together.”

Jenny laughed. “Hey, you did okay. You’re a good person, no matter what some people say about you!”

Rob frowned. “People? What people? What have they said?”

“Well, Debbie McGowan thinks you’re sexist!”

“Debbie McGowan? Who’s Debbie McGowan?”

“She’s the one who’s been trying to keep you on track for the past few years.”

Jenny saw that look in her father’s eyes. He wasn’t going to let this lie.

“And who else has been slagging me off?”

“Well, Andrea Harding thinks you’re a prick, and she thinks you were a bit too quick taking up with Josie.”

“Oh, does she now!” Rob thundered. “Well, you can tell her from me—it’s none of her business!”

“Hey, don’t be getting stressed…”

“And this Debbie person—I bet she lives on her own in a bedsit with fifty cats…”

Jenny grinned. “No, actually, she’s a social scientist and she’s married to Nigel.”

Rob spun around. “What? Farage? Well, he should bloody well stop buggering off to Brussels and get his own house in order. I mean, this country wouldn’t be in such a mess if they hadn’t given women the vote!” Rob huffed loudly, turning up the volume on the TV. “I can’t believe it. Me? Sexist? Bloody cheek!”

Jenny smiled. “Dad?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Do you think Debbie will have guessed we’re trying to wind her up?”

Rob smiled—a smile that really did reach his eyes. “I imagine she will have, yes.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“We’re fictional characters, babe. What can she do?”

Jenny laughed. “Yeah, but that Graham West isn’t!”

Rob rolled his eyes. “Yeah, poor bloke. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes!”

[Yeah, he'd better watch his step, Rob. That's all I'm saying. ;)]



About the Author:
Graham West studied art at Hugh Baird college in Bootle, Merseyside, before joining the display team at Blacklers Store in Liverpool city centre where he spent seven years in the art department before moving on in 1981 to become a sign writer. He lives in Maghull with his wife, Ann, and has a daughter, Lindsay, and two grandchildren, Sonny and Kasper. Graham also plays guitar at weddings, functions and restaurants. He took up writing in 2000 and has had a couple of factual articles published in magazines. Mosswood is his third novel.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Outlaw's Legacy: Box Set now available on Kindle Unlimited

Today (11th July 2019) marks the release of Outlaw's Legacy - N.B. Dixon's LGBTQ+ retelling of the legend of Robin Hood - as an ebook box set.

Box Set includes:
Heir of Locksley (book one)
Knight of Sherwood (book two)
Earl of Huntingdon (book three)

Available on Kindle only and therefore on Kindle Unlimited:

Lythe and listin, gentlemen,
That be of frebore blode;
I shall you tell of a gode yeman,
His name was Robyn Hode.

- A Gest of Robyn Hode (An early printed Robin Hood ballad)


This saga chronicles the life of England's most famous outlaw, from his disturbed childhood to his fame as an adult.

What do you do when to love a man is considered a mortal sin? How do you protect your people when you have nothing? Who do you owe most loyalty to, your family or yourself? These are just some of the problems Robin Hood must face. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride packed full of family feuds, betrayals, romance and one man's fight for his beliefs.

Heir of Locksley

Robin of Locksley is a rebel, more comfortable roaming Sherwood Forest with his longbow and courting the village girls than learning how to run a manor.

An innocent flirtation with a peasant girl soon lands Robin in trouble, and worse, he finds himself inexplicably attracted to Will Scathelock, his best friend since childhood. Robin must decide whether to follow the rules of society or his own conscience.

Meanwhile, his neighbour, Guy of Gisborne, is anxious to get his hands on the Locksley estate and he will do anything to make it happen - even murder.

Knight of Sherwood

Robin returns to England after four years fighting in the Holy Land. On arriving at Locksley, he discovers that Guy of Gisborne, his most hated enemy, has been made Sheriff of Nottingham. Forced to flee into Sherwood, Robin sets himself up as champion of the poor.

But Robin has a secret. His feelings for his friend Will Scathelock have deepened, but to acknowledge the truth would mean facing up to his past. Meanwhile, Lady Marian Fitzwalter, heiress to the vast Huntingdon estate, is determined to claim Robin for her own.

Earl of Huntingdon

He was once Robin Hood, bold outlaw of Sherwood; now he is Robin of Huntingdon, one of the most powerful earls in England.

Sir Roger of Doncaster, an enemy from Robin's crusading days, is back in England and determined to take Huntingdon for his own. Caught in a desperate struggle for survival, Robin's only solace is Will Scathelock, the man he has loved and resisted for years. Surrendering would be easy, but the stakes have never been higher. Roger has the might of King John behind him, and he will not rest until Robin is dead. Win or lose, Robin's life will never be the same.

About N.B. Dixon:

I've made up stories since I was a child. I loved to take characters from my favourite books or television programs and make up stories about them or continue existing stories. In fact, if I had ever published them, I'd be in flagrant breach of copyright.

My parents gave me books as soon as I was able to hold one and so my love of literature was born.

I've always had a taste for the dramatic, so Historical Fiction was perfect. It also means I get to indulge my love of Folklore and Medieval History.

My love affair with the Robin Hood legend began one day in a hidden corner of the school library and has extended into my adult life. I only hope I can convince my readers to love him as much as I do.

Away from all things literary, I am an enthusiastic theatre goer. I also play the piano for pleasure and I like to sing when I'm sure no one can hear me. I'm fond of cooking and long walks and even now I'm still a self-confessed bookworm.

Friday, 21 June 2019

New Release: Love on the Dancefloor by Liam Livings

Author: Liam Livings
Language: English
Published: 21st June, 2019
ISBN: Paperback:978-1-78645-342-6
eBook: 978-1-78645-343-3
Length: 89,700 words (approx.)
Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, New Adult, Pure Romance - M/M

Why does he want to ruin a perfectly good friendship by becoming boyfriends? Why would someone from Paul’s background have any interest in ordinary boy-next-door Tom?

Tom is quiet and awkward, especially after his ex told him he was nothing. Besides, Tom’s too nerdy, too organised, too shy to ask anyone out ever again.

Except maybe Paul.

When Paul talks to him, Tom feels fabulous, he feels brave. When Paul looks after him, Tom thinks maybe he’s not nothing. He wants to go wherever Paul, with his rich parents and monthly allowance, leads—to places Tom’s working-class background hasn’t allowed him before.

But there’s one problem. Paul’s love of the party drug ecstasy starts with him taking it sometimes, moves onto often, then to usually, until soon it’s always. Tom’s unsure if Paul’s a bad influence on him, or he’s a bad influence on Paul.

With a nerd, friends to lovers, clash of backgrounds, partying, dancing and lots of recreational drug use, Love On The Dancefloor is a stand-alone gay romance that asks: can you really make yourself stop loving someone?

Editor's Review:
I'm a bit too old to have been part of 1990s rave culture (I've probably given myself away by calling it that), but I certainly remember the hype in the British media about people dying from a terrible new drug called ecstasy. I was studying Beat culture at uni at the time, and the Beat writers' use of psychedelic drugs to heighten consciousness and think in new, subversive ways. And I remember thinking...really, that's what the 'mad for it' lot are up to - escaping the materialism left behind by the 1980s for a few hours of living for music, dancing and the heightened emotional connection with their fellow passengers on the journey through the unstill night.

Liam Livings has captured the era beautifully, through vignettes of early mornings after the afterparty, a convoy around the M25 in pursuit of a black Ford Sierra, market-stall-style drug sales, giant parties on Ibiza, the ups and the downs, the good, bad and ugly, and how, in all of this, the social divisions of the world beyond cease to have meaning.

But all of that is backdrop for a romance between two young, talented men who grow, together and apart, and tread a tough path in pursuit of their happy ending. The supporting cast is complex but fun - Tom's mum is fantastic (and hilarious, and sweary, simple as) as is Slinky Simon (my favourite part of the entire story relates to him - just for how brilliantly it's written, but I can't share, darn spoilers). There is also a line that will slay you. (Incidentally, it's really hard to edit when you're crying buckets.)

Whether you were there at the time and want to reminisce, or you're curious what it was like, or you just enjoy a mighty fine love story, Love on the Dancefloor is one you don't want to miss.

Purchase Links:
Beaten Track Shop:

Other Vendors:

About the Author:
Liam Livings lives where East London ends and becomes Essex. He shares his house with his boyfriend and cat. He enjoys baking, cooking, classic cars and socialising with friends. He has a sweet tooth for food and entertainment: loving to escape from real life with a romantic book; enjoying a good cry at a sad, funny and camp film; and listening to musical cheesy pop from the eighties to now. He tirelessly watches an awful lot of Gilmore Girls in the name of writing 'research'.

Published since 2013 by a number of British and American presses, his gay romance and gay fiction focuses on friendships, British humour and romance with plenty of sparkle. He's a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. With a Master's in creative writing from Kingston University, he teaches writing workshops with his partner in sarcasm and humour, Virginia Heath as and has also ghostwritten a client's five-star reviewed autobiography.


Thursday, 30 May 2019

New Release: Adam Only by Roe Horvat

Author: Roe Horvat
Language: English
Published: 30th May, 2019
Length: 39,000 words (approx).
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-322-8
eBook: 978-1-78645-323-5
ASIN: B07RQ1X464
Category: Fiction
Genre: LGBT, Erotic, Adult, M/M Romance

Available on Kindle Unlimited

On stage, Adam lets his passion drive him. All his secret desires, everything nasty, dirty, and beautiful flows freely through him, for once in harmony. His soul thrives when his body moves, but only on stage. Adam’s passionate nature makes him a great dancer…and a failure at life. He’s a lonely, emotional mess. Going home with a man far out of his reach is the last thing Adam should do. Christoffer represents everything Adam isn’t: strong, independent, educated, and rich. His kind eyes, at odds with his brutish form, make Adam's knees and restraint buckle.

Once Christoffer sees Adam dancing, he’s lost. The young man is mesmerizing, otherworldly, and unpredictable. Whatever might happen between them, it will be transient, and Christoffer will most likely get hurt. The temptation is too great, however, and the sex explosive. He might as well enjoy every moment he’s given, even if it’s just one day, maybe two. If Christoffer treads carefully, Adam might stay until Monday.

Warning: Adam Only is a gay erotic love story. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes between two consenting men. For adult readers only.


Editor's Review:
Adam Only is a prequel to The Other Book, which, given its title (singular 'other book'), I think was meant to be a one-off. But here we are, reading Adam and Christoffer's story.

Thus, these are Those Other Books. Other to what? As Roe explains in his forward to book one, this in part is to distinguish it from his previous work, which is gay fiction with romance and some bedroom scenes but not enough of them to call it 'erotica'. Those Other Books are erotic romances; that's your warning about what you should expect content-wise.

Other is also about othering - how societies alienate certain groups and individuals because of their difference from 'normal'. Specifically in relation to Roe's writing, it's about LGBTQ+ people - those 'perverts' with a 'sickness' who are deemed in need of punishment or treatment to get them back on the straight and narrow. When LGBTQ+ people are accepted and given rights, they're curtailed - 'don't shove it in our faces', 'keep to yourselves'.

Writing about The Others is resistance. It's a refusal to hide in the shadows.

In Roe's own words:
Writing erotic romance has been an enriching and entertaining experience for me; publishing it is an act of resistance. I refuse to condone societal rules and laws which keep people from loving whom they love or prohibit them from experiencing physical pleasure.
Aside from their social/political salience, Those Other Books are beautifully crafted stories about men who love men with a heavy emphasis on the rumpy-pumpy. Alongside that are many tender moments of intimacy - connections beyond the physical - which Roe does so well I too often get caught reading certain sentences over and over again, purely to wonder at their magnificence. Alas, this time around, my favourite line in Adam Only is a bit of a spoiler, so I can't share it.

I began by saying Adam Only is a prequel (and therefore part of a series), but I want to be clear: Adam Only is absolutely stand-alone. Readers of The Other Book have met Adam and Christoffer already and will love learning their back story, but new readers can enjoy it equally...and then go on to read The Other Book.

Adam Only and The Other Book are both available in ebook (Kindle/Kindle Unlimited) and paperback formats.



About the Author:
Queer fiction author Roe Horvat was born in the post-communist wasteland of former Czechoslovakia. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, Roe traveled Europe and finally settled in Sweden. He came out as transgender in 2017 and has been fabulous since. He loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, bad action movies, stand-up comedy, pale ale, and daiquiri. When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, he can be found trolling cafes in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Beaten Track site offline - PDF catalogue available

The Beaten Track Publishing site is currently down (due to technical issues with our service provider).

In the interim, this PDF lists all of our publications, with purchase links.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

New Release: Beat Surrender by Bob Stone

Title: Beat Surrender
Author: Bob Stone
Genre: Young AdultScience FictionFantasy
Published: 23rd March, 2019
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-286-3
eBook: 978-1-78645-287-0
Length: 66,000 words approx.

"Something came from somewhere else and crashed onto Trafalgar Square."

Joey Cale thought he was going home but instead has ended up on another version of Earth just as dangerous as the last.

Aided by his friends, he must discover the cause of one of the greatest disasters Britain has seen. But a threat as old as time is pursuing him and will do anything to stop him.

Who are the sinister Green Jackets? Why are the birds gathering and watching? And what is buried in a wall deep beneath London?

Beat Surrender is the second book in the heart-stopping trilogy which began with Missing Beat.

* * * * *

Editor's Review:
Beat Surrender. How to review it.

I'll start by clarifying I'm not talking about the song, of which, I must confess, I'm not a fan. But I am a fan of the second instalment of Bob Stone's incredible Young Adult trilogy, which began in 2018 with Missing Beat.

By this point in the trilogy, readers have met Joey, our protagonist - an unlikely hero - and, of course, his fellow adventurers. Most have read book one and therefore know what happens prior to book two - I have it on good authority that Beat Surrender makes sense even without reading Missing Beat. However, I recommend reading these stories in the correct order or else the beginning of book two will seem quite ordinary - just an eighteen-year-old lad standing by the River Mersey and pondering over life.

Then the action kicks off, big-time.

Beat Surrender is dark, a bit scary - as in Weeping Angels scary, which is impressive after the Screamers in book one, because they were super-scary. I think it comes down to how familiar most of the Beat Surrender scenario is, to point that in places it reads as allegory. I should make clear that this IS Young Adult fiction 'for all ages' (quoting the author), and while there are quite a few grim scenes, these are not too graphic on-page. There are also some mild swear words.

As for the ending...well... At the Beat Surrender launch, Estelle Maher (author: Grace and the Ghost, Angel's Rebellion) called Bob Stone the master of the cliffhanger, and I have to agree. He'd also best be the master of very speedily finishing book three before I run out of nails to chew.

Lest I spoil the story, I'll say no more.

Beat Surrender is a Young Adult sci-fi/fantasy novel, released 23rd March, 2019, available in ebook and paperback formats from the usual places.

Also available:
Missing Beat (book one)
Out of Season (a novella)

* * * * *

Missing Beat Purchase Links:

Beaten Track Shop:

Other Vendors:

* * * * *

About Bob Stone:
Liverpool born Bob Stone is an author and bookshop owner. He has been writing for as long as he could hold a pen and some would say his handwriting has never improved. He is the author of two self-published children's books, A Bushy Tale and A Bushy Tale: The Brush Off. Missing Beat, the first in a trilogy for Young Adults, was his first full-length novel.

Bob still lives in Liverpool with his wife and cat and sees no reason to change any of that.


Thursday, 14 March 2019

New Release: The Golden One - Deceit by Hans M Hirschi

Title: The Golden One - Deceit
Author: Hans M Hirschi
Language: English
Published: 14th March, 2019
Length: 68,000 words (approx.)
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-313-6
eBook: 978-1-78645-314-3
Category: Fiction
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

The global Ohana is planning for the transition of power, and its head, Dawit Abraham, is anxious to meet the Golden One. Shortly after, Jason begins to experience strange dreams. All the while, he and his four friends are trying to figure out why Mother sent the Golden One to Amberville. Powerful enemies lurk in the shadows, ready to make Jason's existence a living hell.

Don't miss the continuation of the thrilling fantasy trilogy about seventeen-year-old Jason Mendez, aka the Golden One, as he navigates the shoals of deception of the people supposedly closest to him.

The Golden One is an exciting fantasy trilogy dealing with urgent topics affecting humanity today.

Editor's Review:
A short one because I'm super busy, and I have the third and final part of The Golden One a little way down my editing queue, and I want to read it now, now, now! However, I couldn't let the launch day for Deceit pass without saying something about this novel.

Deceit is the second instalment in Hans M Hirschi's Young Adult trilogy 'The Golden One', and it's epic. This series might just win the award for featuring my most-hated character - they're the villain, so it's all good. After all, what is adventure without a decent villain?

At the heart of the story is Jason - a young man on the brink of adulthood who's dealing with a lot - his grandfather's relatively recent death, his family's financial struggles, getting through school, thinking about college, getting over first love...being The Golden One and all it entails. Add to that some other stark and quite horrifying revelations, and it quickly becomes apparent our hero really has his work cut out.

Surrounding Jason is his small band of friends who understand much of what he is dealing with and are there for him when it matters. As I move through the trilogy, I find my allegiances shift quite significantly. At the beginning of Blooming (Book 1), Laurel was my favourite and Hannah got on my nerves. Now, Hannah's nicked the top spot...for the time being, at least. One can never tell what's around the corner.

As this is the second book, it does continue from the first insofar as all the 'who's who' stuff has been done, so whilst you could jump straight into book two and understand what's going on, I'd recommend starting at the beginning. There is a sense in Deceit of being left 'up in the air' as regards the overarching story, which is to be expected with a trilogy, and I can't really say more than the blurb already says without giving away the plot. So I'll just say this is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys Young Adult fantasy adventure at the edge of reality as we know it and appreciates characters who accurately reflect our wonderfully diverse world.

The Golden One - Deceit is book two of The Golden One and is available in paperback and ebook formats from the usual places.

Also available: The Golden One - Blooming (book one).

Coming September 2019: The Golden One - Reckoning (book three).

About the Author:
Photo: John O’Leary
Hans M Hirschi has been writing stories since childhood. As an adult, the demands of corporate life put an end to his fiction for more than twenty years. A global executive in training, he has traveled the world and published several non-fiction titles as well as four well-received novels. The birth of his son provided him with the opportunity to rekindle his love of creative writing, where he expresses his deep passion for a better world through love and tolerance. Hans lives with his husband and son on a small island off the west coast of Sweden.