New Release - Igloo, young adult romance by Jennifer Burkinshaw

A surprise Christmas holiday in the French Alps should be a dream come true, but not for sixteen-year-old Nirvana. She has an important project to complete at home, and tensions are high with her parents. In desperation, Niv skips ski school and heads off-piste towards the forest, where she discovers a hidden igloo. Better still, it’s empty.

When its builder, Jean-Louis, finds her trespassing, he suggests they share the igloo, and as the pair find common ground in their struggles to be themselves, they realise they are each other’s perfect Christmas gift.

Too soon, Niv must return home to Lancashire. Now in two different countries, each faces new problems, alone, and their battle to be together becomes infinitely harder.

Is it a battle they can win? Or will their sweet, fledgling romance be lost to the seasons, like the igloo where it began?

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Meet Nirvana - the star of Igloo

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