Beaten Track Midsummer Releases and Round-up of 2022 (so far)

It's been a while since our last post (November 2021), for reasons that have affected all of us over the past couple of years, so we shall say no more on it.

Congratulations to Larry Benjamin!

Just over a week ago, the Lambda Literary Awards took place, and Larry’s young adult gay romance Excellent Sons won the award for best Gay Romance.

You can watch Larry receiving his award here:

Midsummer's Day Releases

Broken Ground

Things aren’t going well in Arlo’s life, but they get a whole lot worse when a strange, heavily tattooed girl keeps appearing everywhere he goes. When he starts losing everything and everyone he cares about, is he prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and family? Broken Ground draws on the ancient folklore surrounding the harvest, giving it a contemporary and timely context.

A Young Adult novel from Lu Hersey

A Little Book of Tarot Tales

Step into the world of tarot through the doorway of story. Be greeted by elementals, celestials, wise women, shadow beings, and much more as you journey through a forest of metaphor and symbol. There are many guides to meet: the Ancient One, the Wise Woman, the Shaman, the Devil.

An illustrated journey through tarot by Diane King

Also published in 2022