New Release: The Mice and The Owls by Julie Pryke

Title: The Mice and The Owls
Language: English
Published: 8th November, 2018
Length: 18 pages (12 illustrations)
Illustrator: Humilta Abigail Holmes
ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-209-2
eBook: 978-1-78645-210-8
Genre: Children's Fiction

The Mice and The Owls is a delightful read-aloud picture book poem about the friendship between five little woodland animals which will make you

Editor's Review:
You know when an author sends a manuscript entitled 'The Mice and The Owls', and you think...well, this won't end well for the mice...

Obviously, it was all going to be fine. It's a children's book, and while it does turn out OK for owls and mice alike, it was a bit tense at times.

This is a lovely short read, no messages or themes, just quirky verse and cute illustrations. I imagine it would be a lot of fun to read this with a group of littlies - lots of interaction and opportunities for discussion about nature.

The Mice and The Owls is released today - 8th November, 2018 - and is available in paperback and ebook formats from all the usual places.

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About the Author:

Julie Pryke is a mum and grandmum. She has been a playgroup and play-scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; she was also a college lecturer. She is a 'born storyteller' and a member of Bradford Writers Circle.

She loves reading and encouraging young readers to 'get started'.