Recent Release: Say You Will by Alexis Woods

Title: Say You Will
Author: Alexis Woods
Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Pure Romance - M/M, Adult
Published: 4th June, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-78645-226-9
Length: 12,500 words approx.

Three years ago, Darren Goldman had no idea the man he met on his first day of work in a new town would become the man he'd been waiting for his whole life. With Ace's birthday approaching, Dare sets out to do the impossible: surprise his boyfriend with a party and a proposal. 

"Can't be done," they said. "Never work." "Don't bother." "Are you sure you want to do this?" 

He'd prove them wrong. He was sure of it, until he wasn't.

* * * * *
Editor's Review
I'm a huge fan of series. I love getting totally immersed into a new world like ours but maybe once removed - an alternate form of ours, perhaps, where the characters are people as real as you and me.

It goes without saying that, as an editor, working on the subsequent instalments in a series isn't work at all when I'm as desperate as other readers to find out what's been going on while we've been away.

And so, Say You Will arrived in my inbox. Well, it didn't. Alexis and I collaborate via GoogleDocs, which is a lot of fun, especially as the version I receive from Alexis is very clean - grammar/punctuation-wise; this story, like the previous stories in the series, has on-page sexy times.

Those who've read Southern Jersey Shores from the beginning will know that each story focuses on a specific couple but always with the same cast of characters in the background. It began, in Opening Day, with Aaron and Darren (or Ace and Dare), and it is these guys we revisit in Say You Will.

Dare's a man with a plan, and a secret, and a lot of stress of his own making. I loved the glimpses of the Dare we first met - his uncertainty and vulnerability - because in general he's much more dominant (in and out of the bedroom).

While he's doing what he's doing, we get something of a virtual tour of the setting, and I have to say, the description is just beautiful - enchanting and vivid.

The ultimate treat for me, however, is the Easter Eggs for those of us who've been lucky enough to read ALL of Alexis Woods' stories. If you haven't, you should!

And the cover! This is my favourite cover in the series - my favourite cover this year!

Say You Will reads as a final instalment, and we're discussing a 'box set' of the six stories in the far? I feel like I've had a very satisfying fill of Southern Jersey Shores happy-ever-after, but I certainly won't complain if this isn't the end.

Say You Will is a contemporary M/M romance by Alexis Woods, book six in the Southern Jersey Shores series, released June 4th, 2018.

* * * * *
About the Author:
Always an avid reader and colorful dreamer, it was only a matter of time before taking pen to paper, oftentimes literally. I sing under my breath, tap my toes and swing my hips, much to the delight of my coworkers and friends. I’m a firm believer in every song tells a story and every story has a song, so each story I write has a song or theme, oftentimes both, behind it. I freely admit that becoming a romance author is the best mid-life crisis a girl could ever have.