2016 Release: Jonathan's Legacy by Hans M Hirschi

Title: Jonathan's Legacy
Author: Hans M Hirschi
Language: English
Published: 29th September, 2016
ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78645-031-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-78645-032-6
Category: Fiction
Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Contemporary Fiction, Adult

Jonathan's Legacy returns to the roots of the Jonathan Trilogy: the love for those weakest amongst us, children, particularly the undesired ones, street kids who find new homes and love, just as Jonathan and Dan once had, in their youth.

We follow the Jackson family, founded by Jonathan and Dan, as they grapple with the loss of their family patriarch. Parker and Cody set out to start a patchwork family of their own, while Marc comes to terms with his loss. And who is Kim Hwan?

This is the third and final book in this accidental trilogy, a book written out of the desperate search for answers, to bring hope where there was only despair, and to find much-needed closure. Anything but a happily ever after is unimaginable.

In this trilogy:
Jonathan's Hope (Book 1)
Jonathan's Promise (Book 2)
Jonathan's Legacy (Book 3)

Insider information: this isn't a secret. I'm fairly sure the author has explained this in his Author's Cave video blog or on his written blog, and it's also there in the last line of the blurb: Jonathan's Legacy is 'a book written out of the desperate search for answers, to bring hope where there was only despair, and to find much-needed closure'.

I'm going to be contrary here (no surprise) and say I didn't need that closure, which is not the same as saying I didn't need book three of the trilogy. Truthfully, I could have walked away from book one, grieved, got over it, moved on. Granted, the future I'd imagined for Jonathan was nowhere near as optimistic as the one he was destined to have, so when I read book two, it felt very much like catching up with a mutual friend.

"How's Jonathan?"
"Oh, he's doing great. He met someone new."
"No way. Did he?"

Followed by:
"Hey, Deb. Sorry to call with bad news..."

Because Hans M Hirschi is a git.

Which was when the need for a book three became apparent. Yes, to closure, yes to seeing just what kind of promised happy-ever-after Jonathan and Dan's family - their legacy - was getting. Of course, with losing a couple of significant people along the way, it means meeting and getting to know new people. I must confess I don't know Adam as well as I'd like. He's the only main character I feel fairly ambivalent about, but that's the beauty of a book. The story is something different for every reader. We all have our favourite characters, best lines, most cherished moments. Rarely do they coincide.

What I love about this trilogy the most is... Sean, although there's a bit more to it than that. He's dead before the story begins, but like those in our own lives who have passed, he is omnipresent, and he's there for the happy ending. It is seeing Sean through Dan's eyes that endeared me to him, but to watch those memories filter through the developing relationships - from Dan to Jonathan to Marc to Adam - is the kind of subtle layer beneath the main plot of a story that I really love following.

For once, the Queen of Unconventional Happy Endings has delivered, as promised, the whole sunshine and rainbows fairy-tale happily ever after, which is unconventional for him, I suppose. But don't expect a trauma-free journey reach it.

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