2016 Release: If I Should Stumble by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Title: If I Should Stumble (Tork and Adam #3)
Author: Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Language: English
Published: 1st December, 2016
ISBN: eBook: 9781786450913
Category: Fiction
Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Contemporary Fiction, New Adult

Book three in the Tork and Adam series

Love is sure and timeless and forever. It whispers over the morning coffee and the last thought before sleep. Love is beyond hope, and cruel as life.

Kaz has been in the UK for almost a year, but the days pass by in an endless round of alcohol and nothingness. He has a story but no words good or bad enough to tell it, until one day, he is assigned a new peer mentor who asks him to help train a sponsored running team. Something that was stretched as old parchment breaks inside, and memories begin to re-surface.

Zack is overjoyed when his friend Adam asks him to be part of the sponsored run team trying to make money for the local homeless shelter. All day he makes cakes to lighten people's load, but something is missing from his life. Then he meets the boy with eyes like the desert, and with every step he runs, Zack's light burns away the darkness in Kaz's heart.

As the race heats gets nearer, Tork, Adam, Zack and Jo realise that under Kaz's careful programme, they have a chance to qualify and set right some of the wrongs of this world.

This book features the characters Tork and Adam from The Invasion of Tork and The Invasion of Adam.

This story...

You know when you're ill? I don't mean with a cold or a bug or whatever, but really ill. The kind of poorly where your insides feel ragged and raw and like they're on fire. Flu, or post-op pain - that kind of thing?

If I Should Stumble is the literary equivalent.

What I want to say in this editor's review, I can't, because it will spoil too much of the story, and I know how important it is to the authors (and therefore to me) that this story is approached with and open heart and mind. What I can say is the opening Prologue is one of the most devastating reads of my life, in part because it's real. By the time I reached Chapter One, I was hurting so much and compelled to read on because whether the happy ending came from reality or imagination, I desperately needed it.

The second Prologue floored me. Specifically, the lead up to the line from which the title of this story came is just...eegads. I can't tell you, but you owe it to yourself, and to the real Kaz and those like him, to read this story. It is brilliant. Bring tissues.

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