Summer Bigger Than Others

Summer Bigger Than Others - An Anthology of Short Hot Summer Stories

Published: 21st June, 2015
Length: 160000 words (560 pages) (approx)

Beaten Track authors present fourteen short summer reads filled with friendship, romance and, of course, enough heat to make your ice lolly dribble.

Summer Bigger Than Others takes you away to your own private island of diverse stories that will make your summer days sweet, sizzling and sexy.

From relaxing on a sandy beach or hiking in the great outdoors, to nights at the opera or days at the strawberry farm, an adrenaline-shooting roller coaster rush awaits.

Make this summer the best it's ever been; make it bigger than all the others.

Available as a paperback/ebook - stories available as individual ebooks.


Aligning North - K.C. Faelan
Aloha? Oy! - Jonathan Penn
Anything or Nothing - Terry Kerr
Dazzle Me - Ofelia Gränd
Fang and Fortune - L.L. Bucknor
Finally - Amelia Mann
Home is Where the Hard is - Caraway Carter
Offline - L.M. Steel
Ribbons and Frills - Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Roller Coaster - J P Walker
The Strawberry Farm - Victoria Milne
Ultimate Summer - Alexis Woods
Waking Up in Vegas - Hunter Frost
Will…You Have Me(?) - Shayla Mist