Willem of the Tafel Release Day -- Editor Review and Purchase Links

Willem of the Tafel

Publication Date: 28th May, 2015
Length: 194 pages (55,500 words)

The world we know is gone, destroyed by greed and ignorance. On a post-apocalyptic Earth, centuries into the future, few have survived the Great War. Some have taken refuge deep inside a mountain. One of them, Willem, is exiled to the surface...

Alone and struggling to survive, Willem embarks on an epic journey, making a discovery that could once again alter the future of humanity.

Willem of the Tafel is an epic tale of survival, second chances, hope and undying love.

* * * *

Editor’s Review
When Hans told me he was writing a post-apocalyptic novel and mentioned the term ‘sci-fi’ I have to admit to inwardly groaning. There are so many post-apocalyptic sagas out there in both print and film form, and I dislike them immensely. I think on the whole it’s a sign of our times: for those of us in western, relatively wealthy societies, and with our propensity to focus only on what is in our own back yard, our existence seems safer and more stable than ever before.

The reality is very different. War, famine, global warming, pollution, disease, poverty, genocide…these are not things of the past, but I envisage there is a certain thrill many readers attain from reading of a world gone wrong – crumbling cities, the sky a-flame, Bruce Willis/Will Smith/Keanu Reeves romping the streets clad in sweaty vest/sexy vest/Raybans…snore.

Willem of the Tafel is nothing like any of those post-apocalyptic adventures, although Willem is still a hero, but of the only kind that could bring about resolution to global conflict. Thoughtful, discerning, intelligent, young, Willem possesses a wealth of knowledge yet no desire to utilise it to attain power or oppress. A reluctant leader is the very best kind.

I have to – reluctantly – agree that the novel is science fiction, in the sense that it tells of a future that is scientifically plausible. Frighteningly so. However, it’s not heavy on the sci-fi: the technology referred to in the story is already in existence, and it is an aside to what the story is really about: Willem’s journey from childhood to adulthood, from Tafel society out into the world, from solitary wanderer to…well, you’ll have to read it and see.

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Purchase Links:
Beaten Track [eBook]: http://beatentrackpublishing.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=willem_format

Beaten Track [Paperback]: http://beatentrackpublishing.com/shop/proddetail.php?prod=willem

Hirschi.se [eBook]: http://www.hirschi.se/product/willem-of-the-tafel/

Amazon.com [Kindle Edition]: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X0Y9DWY

Amazon.com [Paperback]: http://www.amazon.com/dp/191063543X

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Amazon UK [Paperback]: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/191063543X

Smashwords [eBook]: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/539849?ref=b10track

All Romance eBooks [eBook]: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-willemofthetafel-1795056-145.html

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Willem of the Tafel: a novel by Hans M Hirschi