Damaged Angels paperback? Don't mind if we do!

This is the official announcement!

Beaten Track is proud to present the paperback edition of Damaged Angels, a truly extraordinary collection of short stories from Larry Benjamin.

First published in October last year by Bold Strokes Books as an ebook, I was privileged with the inaugural read. I'm still not quite sure what I did to deserve this, for it is truly an honour. I won't repeat myself here, but I gave it a five star review, which you can read on Amazon or Goodreads.

Now, in my review, I made a comment, indeed a compliment to the author about the thoroughness of his research. His response? Well, knowing what I know now, I can imagine it went 'Hah hah!' and sounded a bit like Pitch - the narrator and star of 'A Working Boy'—one of the stories you'll find within Damaged Angels. "How ungracious!" you might think, but, well...let's just say that Mr. Benjamin's research might have been a little more thorough than even I gave him credit for! Indeed, you can read more about the real life inspiration for these stories in the article 'You Deserve Better', which Larry wrote for Ellis Carrington's blog back in November. Despite my flippancy here, the article carries a very important message that needs to be read / heard.

This is also true of the stories you will read in Damaged Angels. So go buy it. Enjoy it. Review it.

And now that's the professional, aloof publisher bit done with...

Oh, oh, oh, oh...we got to publish a book by Larry Benjamin!

Better still, we're working with Larry on his next book, Unbroken, due for publication in early summer. I'll say more about that nearer the time.

But, to quote Andrea (who does some rather splendid editing and proof-reading for me on a freelance basis - yes, that was a bit of a plug for Express Editing Solutions):

Squeeeeee! We get to publish more Larry Benjamin!

I have to add to this our gratitude to Matthew and Graham from Hungry Bitches Productions for permitting us to use their photo for the cover of Damaged Angels. It really captures the feel of the book, in particular, that which is portrayed in 'The Hunger', the story that has become my absolute favourite in this collection.

What makes this really special for us is that we've known Matthew, Graham and Megan (the other Hungry Bitch) for many years and watched them nurture their incredible gift, putting everything they've got (energy, talent, drive, charisma, sexiness) into their award-winning theatrical production company. How proud? I could (and may very well at some point) cry, that's how proud.

Guys, you are just awesome (and fabulous and amazing, but they're not my words, if you see what I mean).

Finally, to round off this ridiculously exuberant and terribly unprofessional expression of joy (make the most of this gush, because it's really not my usual M.O.*), since I read Larry's first novel, What Binds Us, last summer, we have developed something of a connection. It's a bit—weird. Want to know more? Read our novels and you'll see for yourself!

And finally finally, as I've done a bit of a Oscar speech post here, I have to thank my incredible proof-reading sister, Tracy. She has checked every book we've published, for free, and is the one I have thank for picking up the missing and extra the words. (ho-de-hum).

On that note, this is your Editor in Chief duly heading off to guzzle more lager, belch a little and generally man up.

* Larry is also responsible for getting me hooked on Glee, and pointed out recently that I am, in fact, "passionate about...well ...most things". Yes, it's true.

Over, and out!


  1. You make me blush. thank you. I am so glad we met and I suspect we are going to do great things together

  2. Me too (in case it wasn't already evident).


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