Book Signings: The Scorned Wife; The Harder They Fall

The Scorned Wife: Author Signing, 25th January 2013

It's a bit of a cheat, but I decided to use a screenshot of Elle Zober's webpage to advertise her book signing - click on the image to visit the real page and to RSVP.

In case you're on a device which won't show the image below, Elle will be at Barnes & Noble, Northwest Evergreen Parkway, Beaverton, Oregon, from 7pm on January 25th 2013.

Please visit Elle's website for more info / to RSVP:

The Harder They Fall: Book Signing, 15th March 2013

More on this to follow...

Please join me at M.Bar.K, Burscough Wharf, Lancashire, on Friday 15th March for an evening of book signing and entertainment.

For further information, see the Event page on Facebook: