NaNoWriMo #04: Calendars for your Desktop Wallpaper

Every November, I change the background on my desktop so that it displays NaNoWriMo calendars. These display what your cumulative word count should be on any given day if you intend to hit that 50,000 word goal. This is by far the easiest method for tracking your progress on a daily basis.

Below is a slideshow of the calendars I've collected, plus a Beaten Track / NaNoWriMo calendar in various sizes. Some of the 'third-party' calendars relate to a specific year (mostly 2009) either by mentioning it in the image somewhere, or including the days of the week as well as the dates. Most provide cumulative word count based on a 50K target; the Beaten Track calendars and a couple of others include word counts for 50K, 70K and 100K goals. I've also created various sizes of the Beaten Track calendar, some with a margin on the right / left for Mac / PC layout accordingly.

I don't know who made some of the calendars (to my shame), so if you recognise your own work here, let me know and I will duly credit it / remove it accordingly. Otherwise, here are the links to the sites of the calendars' creators (all found on