Surrealism, Erotica, Burgers and Cyberpunk - Updates and Latest Additions

You've no doubt heard the old London bus adage about waiting for ages, only for three to turn up at once. Well, it's been a bit like that here lately - not with buses, you understand. This week we've added no less than four new authors and nine new publications.

One of these is No Dice, which I've already posted about, so I won't say any more on that, other than recommending that you buy it - just 86p for the Kindle Edition? What a bargain!

Anyway, on with the task at hand:

As suggested by the title, this collection of "nine sizzling tales of love and lust" is one for the adult audience (specifically: those who enjoy erotica). A quick visit to Sharazade's blog finds her participating in a 'Hands-on Kink' workshop at the recent Erotic Authors Association conference - confirmation that the author has a firm grasp (ahem) of erotic fiction and takes her research very seriously!

Transported is available in a variety of formats (Paperback, Kindle, ePub, RTF, PDF, PDB and Plain Text), from around 5.00 USD (3.50 GBP) for electronic versions and 7.93 GBP (Amazon UK) / 10.07 USD ( for the paperback.

I'll confess straight up that I haven't read this yet, as I've been reviewing Automatic Assassin (see below), but I have just bought the Kindle edition, based on the reviews on the page for the paperback edition. Needless to say (as I wouldn't have added it to the site / bought it otherwise), the reviewers are unanimous in their opinion that this is an excellent debut novel from 'an author to look out for'. Some even go as far as to say that it doesn't read like a debut novel at all.

"A largely forgotten and apparently ordinary street, Ivetha has a strange, unexpected effect upon the people who happen to encounter it...": this intellectual, surreal compendium of characters' encounters with Ivetha is literary fiction, which is a refreshing change, especially as it's priced within the pop fiction bracket.

Ivetha is available in both Paperback (11.99 USD - and Kindle editions (1.40 GBP - Amazon UK; 2.29 USD -

These two novels constitute the first two parts of the Truxxe Trilogy, following the adventures of Tom Bowler, "young, polite and intelligent" and recently employed burger boy in an intergalactic fast food restaurant.

The Truxxe Trilogy is a humourous space adventure, aimed at late teenage - adult readers, with part 3 currently underway. If you're quick, you can also get a signed copy of parts 1 and 2 for a mere 9.99 GBP each!

All Aliens Like Burgers:
Signed Paperback Edition (Amazon UK)
Audio Book (SpokenWordAudio)

Do Aliens Read Sci-Fi:
Signed Paperback Edition (Amazon UK)

Automatic Assassin (plus 3 other titles and a freebie) by Marc Horne
Marc Horne claims that he "slowly writes novels and then gives them away", which isn't strictly true, although the first contact I had with Marc did involve him pointing me in the direction of Nervous Teeth Drink All The Poison - a collection of short stories that is indeed free. I'd also contend that he doesn't write slowly either, given that all of the titles available were published in the past 4 years.

Regardless of the (at least partly) misleading self-description, it's absolutely true to say that Marc Horne is a very talented and diverse author. Nervous Teeth is an utterly bizarre and subsequently hilarious collection of short stories, with the pre-requisite and much needed disclaimer about characterisation. Look out particularly for 'Morrisey Under Pressure: A Science Fiction Adventure' - and yes, that is our gladioli flinging Brit icon in the flesh, more or less.

Notwithstanding Marc Horne's capacity to give away his toils for free, he deserves to make a bit of money along the way, so I recommend that you buy yourself a copy of Automatic Assassin, which Horne describes as "A cyberpunk space opera about Xolo, a man who replaced his conscience with a machine". This time he's telling the truth, yet there is so much more to this book, due to the author's ability to coherently weave social commentary, humour, philosophy and zombies into a single plot (full review on

Automatic Assassin:
Kindle Edition - 1.71 GBP (Amazon UK); 2.76 USD (
Paperback - 9.99 USD (

Also by Marc Horne:

I've finished the Free Reads page on the Beaten Track website and populated it with a few classics, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.

If you would like to recommend your own or other work that is available for free, just send us the details via this link: Free Reads Form.