Alighting at Procrastination Station

I did have a rather nice blog post lined up for today, but my research sidetracked into reading about J.R.R. Tolkien (see no. 6 below), which gave me a better idea for a quick post more in keeping with my current non-writing predicament.

So here you have it: a small list of links to help you while away that valuable writing time.
  1. - Mugs for writers - quite expensive, occasionally amusing, sometimes too old hat, but the black interior / white exterior design is very nice and there are lots and lots...
  2. - More writers' mugs, as well as t-shirts and various other printable items.
  3. - A site from which to compile your Christmas list.
  4. - A survey with reading recommendations based on your answers (thanks to +Amanda Patterson for this one).
  5. - Free online / 10 USD downloadable edition of 'Write or Die' - a tool to force you to write.
  6. - Wikipedia entry for Tolkien with so many links to other pages that you can easily waste a few hours trawling through the back-story of the 'legendarium'.
  7. - Literary Kicks section on the Beat Generation with pages for all members of the core group, links to associated articles etc.
  8. - Search for and play all those old music videos you know and love.
  9. - Search for your name - you can repeat this as often as you feel the need to reassure yourself that you still exist.
  10. - Join Google+ and add writers to your circles. They will fill your stream with links to their blog posts and publications (often free), which will give you more reading material than you have hours to fill (please ask if you would like an invitation).
Now we should all go and write something, although...

Image from - This is also a very helpful (and short) article if you are really struggling to focus on the task in hand.