About Beaten Track Publishing

Publishing is a ruthlessly cut-throat industry, driven by the (often conflicting) forces of canonical snobbery and economics. Securing a publishing deal is, for most of us, impossible and in any case leads to the loss of intellectual property for a miniscule return.

Self-publishing has, in the past, been cast as a second-rate, vanity driven substitute for the 'real deal'. However, when harnessed appropriately, it is by far the best way to ensure that your work is available to your readership.

Beaten Track provides publishing and pre-publication services to authors and writers of all types and genres. From a simple proof-reading or critical review, to full preparation for print and distribution, we can help you to self-publish. You keep full control of your work at all times.

We offer a free initial read-through / consultation and if you opt for our paid-for services, you will only pay for what we do, fully agreed in advance and with no hidden costs.

On this blog, we will be providing information and advice on self-publishing, previews of upcoming publications - articles that we hope will assist and inspire. As always, posts derived from syndicated content and/or penned by guest writers will be duly credited to the author.

If you would like more information about our services, want to contribute to this blog or have any other queries, please contact us via email: info@beatentrackpublishing.com.